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Feb 22, 2021

What are the three main starting points to working less and having more happiness and fulfillment?

Jan 7, 2021

Instead of a yearly word or motto, this year I am creating a monthly affirmation. This month, very appropriately and ironically, is love.

Nov 18, 2020

How to create a life of success, wealth, and happiness with the power of your thoughts. When I was fourteen years old, I typed a note (when typewriters were still a thing) addressed “To whom it may concern” declaring how successful and joyful my future would be.  This note also spelled out WHO I would […]

Sep 10, 2019

. Talking about ourselves is one of the most natural things we as humans have in common…however, how do you know what that line is between bragging and just genuinely wanting to share information, or news, or to celebrate victories! I’ve realized that I just don’t talk about myself much at all. It’s not ever […]

Apr 10, 2018

Last week I sent a note and created a post centered around success and the belief mindset. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, I’ll summarize for you here. Success is all about mindset. It’s the willingness to envision your future self-successful combined with focused hard work. That’s when anyone can become successful. […]

Apr 6, 2018

Listening to conversations people have amongst their friends and family fascinates me.  It’s the conversations where they sit and talk about all the things they wish they could have or do. Have you ever had or heard these conversations? Will I EVER get my dream job?  Will I EVER get my dream client?  Will I […]

Feb 7, 2018

Ever hear the saying “A bad decision is better than no decision at all!”? When you think about decisions and the power of choice we have, it can get complicated! I’ve reflected on many decisions and choices I have made in my past and the occasional frustrations, just want to give up because of the […]

Oct 13, 2017

You see it all the time. Aspiring entrepreneurs that merely think slapping an ad or a quick blog post online will instantly make them a gazillionaire and an instant successful entrepreneur and internet marketer.  I suppose there are one or two stories of instant success, but the reality is, it ain’t gonna happen that way.   Why […]

Jul 7, 2017

It can be emotionally overwhelming and be draining as a business owner. Especially if you are just starting out or are in the growth phase. Don’t let it be. Each action is a choice. Every thought we have led to our behaviors, and our actions….and ultimately our results. When we are stressed and overwhelmed we […]

Jun 29, 2017

One of my mantras is: Know and BE the WHO you want to become. Let me explain what I mean by this. So many times we hear the bigger life philosophy of know your WHAT or know your WHY. YES, these are important and are always the internal motivations that drive us. For example, My […]