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“in order to connect, you must reflect”
Discover powerful (and practical) ways to become WHO you were meant to be in order to have the life of your dreams. Can you have it all? 

Some say that it’s impossible to be blissfully happy, wealthy and productive all at the same time. With a growth mindset, some self-reflection and mindfulness skills, I say heck yes, anything is possible! 

Learn more go reflect yourself techniques (based on brain-based neuroscience).

Welcome to the Go Reflect Yourself podcast
with Heather J. Crider 

In Order To Connect, You Must Reflect

Reducing Stress & Overwhelm Using Neuroscience


The Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset


Mindfulness and Money. Success and Mindfulness


The Meaning of Connected Mindfulness


An interview with Jeff Koziatek/Core Authenticity


Do You Ever Feel Like An Imposter? (I Do!)


Success starts With You


Just imagine a life where you had bliss and joy each day...Where you were a productivity machine while experience peace and success...Well pull up a seat and let's talk about real practical ways you CAN achieve this life, backed by neuroscience, starting with how you think.  Are you ready for your transformation? 

Start your journey

-Heather J. Crider

Self-Reflection takes courage and vulnerability, yet is your key to unlocking your greatest potential!

Creating Your Rockstar Attitude with Mark Schulman


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I help you mindfully harmonize business and life with profits and dreams! 

Are you ready become           you are meant to be?

My superpower is helping YOU (re)Discover your GREATNESS while creating the kind of life you actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace, a whole lot less stress and tons of FUN!


What to expect to gain from listening to The Go Reflect Yourself Podcast?

improved resilience

more adaptability

less stress

massive productivity improvement

crystal clear clarity

improved well-being

laser focus

better relationships

more connected

massive amounts of energy

more money


A Rich life

improved communication

 was born out of a candid conversation where a group of colleagues and I were talking about how to have the best business and life possible. As a joke I just said, it’s easy “Go Reflect Yourself”. What was an innocent comment became a serious topic on self-reflection, growth mindset, and how our thoughts can predict our future success. 

The Go Reflect Yourself Podcast

My goal is to provide practical and easy to implement ways for you to handle any adversity that comes in your life so you can overcome, rise up and become the person you were meant to be. 

I'm here to help you transform your thoughts and your life!

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