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What is there really to say.  First and foremost, I'm a mom of two.  Most days I love it, some days I wonder why in the world God thought I was cut out to be a mother!
I'm a life-long learner who is addicted to improving the lives of others.  At the age of 18, as a naive, confused, and hungry 18 year-old 'woman', was fortunate enough to meet Zig Ziglar! His energy, devotion to others and passion for a good story changed my life in more ways that I can even note. This meeting led me to a life long quest of learning how to promote real change in myself and others, and what true service of the heart means. 

I'm an accountant by education, (I know, some may say boring, but I'm still a type A, ADD type of person who geeks out over numbers!) the reality is my actual training as been 'real life' training. I've spent time in the corporate world so I can say I did, and I've been an independent business owner for over 19 years, learning first hand what it takes to succeed, and how to get back up when you fail. 

Much of my training and mastery has been in the financial and marketing world. When asked to speak at a woman's conference in 2008 regarding women and investing, I ended up speaking about the life priority and balance triangle; leaving money and investing only a blip of the talk! And the audience appreciated the reality check. This led me to realize how important it is to talk about life's true priorities, no matter what type of business or business owner.

In 2012, I was a guest speaker on John's Assaraf's Brain-A-Thon as a success story showing the impact brain retraining and neurowisdom can have on your business success. That year my internet marketing company I co-founded made its first $1 million dollars. Since then I have not only been passionate about helping others succeed in their businesses but I have also incorporated mindfulness and neurocoaching in my consulting and coaching practice, helping people be better versions of themselves through practical neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. 

What I realized along my journey is that we are all deeply human.  No matter the title, position or status achieved, (or not achieved).  I used to be embarrassed by my own struggles, but the more I discussed the challenges I have faced, the more my clients have opened up about theirs. 

Our modern world is complex and our lives are overly scheduled, leading to stress, anxiety and burnout. Life doesn't have to be so challenging.  Sometimes we need to unlearn a few things to learn better habits and better techniques in order for our brains to succeed!

Through simple brain-optimization techniques, the right support, and a little dedication, anything is possible.
What you think and what you believe matters which is why
my mission is to transform one thought and one mind at a time.

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I Harmonize business and life with profits and dreams! 

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