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Why working harder won’t make you more fulfilled…

What are the three main starting points to working less and having more happiness and fulfillment?

Feb 22, 2021

One of the most common issues my clients typically wrestle with is the “need” to work harder…

Because if you work harder…that’ll make you happier?! (will it?) 
I get it….I’ve been there too…
In my opinion, there are three key areas to REFLECT on if you’re serious about increasing your fulfillment WITHOUT working harder…

Why working 'harder' won't make you more fulfilled or happier with Heather Crider

How do YOU approach and define success? 
I get the programming most of us have been through…status, title and money all must mean someone is successful…right?

Not always…

I spent the first half of my career seeking the “high” of accomplishments/titles/awards/ and possessions…only to find myself constantly seeking more…so I worked harder…did more…sacrificed more…which left me feeling frustrated that I was still unfulfilled. 

Truthfully define success. Reflecting on what success really means to YOU is a big step.

But it’s crucial to be able to make better decisions so you don’t just ‘work’. 


Let’s be honest, having a lot of money with a beefy title can be attractive and sure provides a nice lifestyle…but money only gets you so far when it comes to happiness.

Working harder can certainly get you more money, a fancier title, but what is it costing you? More stress? Less time with people you love? More responsibilities? 

Becoming crystal CLEAR on your goals and priorities will help you become more fulfilled, without sacrificing more time. 

When you’re clearer on what’s important, you make time for those things, which ultimately means you worker smarter. 

It’s amazing how much more you can do in less time when you have clarity. 


This might be obvious, but all of the steps to working less, becoming more fulfilled and happier incorporate a mindset shift…which create your beliefs.
Again, I get it!  I used to think I had a very open and growth oriented mindset, only to realize…I was wrong. 

I had to REFLECT on my actions to prove to me how limited my mindset was. 

And to many of my clients’ disappointment, they usually have more of a limited mindset too.

Which is why they usually default to working more and stressing more. 

Once you start to see how you approach problems, people, goals, etc… you can start to shift your mindset that will serve your goals, fuel your real success, and create MORE happiness…without working harder. 

My scribbles (no I’m not an artist!) on the image attached sum up a mindset and belief pattern shift.



Take a look…what resonates with you?

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