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Let's be honest.  Being productive is always at the top of the list, but when we are stressed and overwhelmed, it is very difficult to concentrate, yet alone get much accomplished.  No matter if you are needing to complete a deadline, bake cookies for your child's fundraiser, or have a tough conversation with a friend, stress can affect all of these things. 

Learning in the moment micro-solutions will help you to turn that pressure into productivity and reduce some of the stress and overwhelm in that moment. 

Instead, learn the 3 simple stress relieving micro-solutions to help you: 

Instantly turn pressure into productivity

3 Simple Stress Relieving "MicroSolutions"

This workbook was created for the busy person who wants more focus, clarity and productivity, but truly doesn't have the time to unlearn years of bad habits. 

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What you have been teaching me has helped me find the energy I've had this week.  I've been able to get so much more done this week with more focus.  THANK YOU!

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3 Simple Stress Relieving "Micro-Solutions" That Instantly Turn Pressure Into Productivity