A bit about me

I want to change the world

No really, I do!  We live in such an amazing time.  Although we are inundated with media and news that doesn’t serve any positive purpose of growth for our lives, we live in an amazing era.

It’s never been easier to start a business.  It’s never been easier to communicate with people.  It’s the perfect time to explore personal growth and really truly have fulfillment.  Yet, most people don’t.  Although we have all the advancements and resources available to us, the majority of our population still live with an outdated mindset.  A mindset of lack, struggle, and acceptance.  Those things create a mindset of just ‘enduring’ as we’ve been taught to just work hard and maybe retire someday with a comfortable life.  No, there is nothing wrong with that, but we’ve not been empowered with true freedom to become independent thinkers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and positive people.  My mission is to help empower those that want to step into their power and create a life of freedom.  A life of growth and joy.  A life where running a business is fun and exciting rather than stressful and a strain.  A life of purpose and passion. A life abundance and extraordinary fulfillment.

By working really hard with focus

Yeah, I know, I said working hard was an old way of thinking.  It is.  And I don’t agree with all the talks about hustle and sacrifice.  If we learn how to be fulfilled, we are never really sacrificing.  It’s all about perspective.  Which is also part of my mission to shift some perspective.  My term for the hard work conversation is living a life focus and purpose.  Okay, some will just call it hard work.  That’s okay because the truth is anything good IS hard work.  But the old way of thinking puts to mind that hard work compromises joy and the things that matter to you.  The truth is hard work is never about losing anything, it’s always about gaining something.

I work to ensure my clients get a mindset shift.   As we grow our businesses, we must grow ourselves and expand our way of thinking.  That’s what the mindset shift is all about.  That’s what we really focus on is shifting our minds to ensure we live on purpose, focused with fulfillment.

Oh, and playing hard too (including fitness!)

No matter what a person’s goal, dream or desire, it is my mission to help them have more fun along the way!  No matter if the goal is starting a new business, learning how to grow an existing business or just wanting to improve overall fulfillment, let’s take each step with vigor and fun! I also believe that being successful includes having a fit life and a fit body.  In order to truly have fulfillment and fun, I believe you have to be fit (in all ways).  Taking care of yourself is one of the foundations of being able to enjoy life.  It just is!

Heather Crider Success

Including some very random facts about me

I love the beach and the ocean.  Sunsets are truly inspiring.  I’ve been an accountant for Fortune 50 companies. I’ve started and sold my own corporations.  I’ve assisted hundreds of businesses 10x & 20x their revenue and exceeded millions of dollars of revenue. I’ve been a partner of a growing international internet marketing firm.  I left high school early to put myself through college (the first of my family to attend and graduate college!) I have more training and certifications than I can remember (because I love to learn and grow!). College was just a platform for a forever quest for knowledge.  Wonder Woman was my hero as a child (and as an adult!).  I love the trapeze and aerial arts even though I’m scared of heights.  I met Zig Ziglar when I was 19 years old, and it truly changed my life forever.  I was a featured guest on John Assaraf’s Annual Brain-A-Thon as a success story.  I love anything to do with music especially plays, Broadway, and Musicals; Lion King is my favorite so far.  I love physical activity and working out. I attribute most of my success to a healthy mind and body.  I have met a lot of famous people, and they are people just like us with fears and insecurities too.  I have training in energy medicine and mindfulness. I have been blessed with the best mentors who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  I’ve fed stingrays, which was a lot of fun.  So was feeding giraffes!  I’ve driven tractors and operated large earth movers; they are all fun.  I’ve had the most personal growth over the past seven years as a single mother, and despite how terrifying that journey has been, I have successfully grown two businesses during that time.  I love the city and the country just the same.  I love the mountains almost as much as the ocean.  I love to travel.  My favorite thing to do is listen to my kids laugh!

Heather Crider Digital Marketing Success

Oh, and finally, I want make a positive impact and be an influence for my clients and my children (Actually I want to be a superhero!)

By now you may have realized my mission in life is much bigger than helping people master their business digital marketing.  If you are starting a business or wanting to improve a business, we start by mastering your digital marketing.  But it’s so much much more than that.  We learn how to conquer fear and kick it the curb.  We master our mindset and manifest more than our wildest dreams.  We create a life of health, happiness, and extraordinary fulfillment.  We give back and influence others that don’t know where to start.  I say we in all of this because I partner with my clients and we create these things together.  I am the facilitator, but my clients are the ones that do the work.  And together WE are the ones to impact the world in a better way.  Changing the lives of our families and the lives of our communities.  By truly making an impact and leaving a legacy!  THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. LIFE AND BEING EXTRAORDINARY!! And we accomplish all of this by tapping into our inner superpowers because we all have them.

And we accomplish all of this by tapping into our inner superpowers to become our own superheroes!  Why Superhero? Because we all have super powers.  Some are obvious and some are hidden, but once you tap into them, you are unstoppable!