Sep 10, 2019

How To Celebrate Without Feeling Like You’re Bragging

How To Celebrate Without Feeling Like You’re Bragging


Talking about ourselves is one of the most natural things we as humans have in common…however, how do you know what that line is between bragging and just genuinely wanting to share information, or news, or to celebrate victories!

I’ve realized that I just don’t talk about myself much at all. It’s not ever been something I’ve been super comfortable with. For the risk and perhaps fear of coming across as self-promoting or bragging…or insert whatever other adjectives.  

But, what I’ve realized is that by not talking about myself and my experiences leaves me missing out on sharing victories or perhaps missing out on helping others in some small way.  This very self-talk is some of the main fundamentals I help my clients overcome…why is this too an issue for me?  Well, I’m human too and sometimes I forget that!

Sooo…here it goes.  A month or so ago I receive a phone call from a colleague informing me that they’d like to include me in an upcoming Forbes feature about mindfulness in business. My first reaction was, why me? (Again, limiting self-talk creeping in!)  

Then I thought, yes, why not. I’ve been studying mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence for years.  I do have a lot to say and to contribute to the subject!  So, I agreed.  We had a chat about my thoughts on the subject and…it happened!!  

I was able to be a featured quote in an article! And what an incredible experience it was and a huge honor to be asked to contribute on the subject that I find so very important in all aspects of life!!

I share this with you to celebrate, to spread the message, and most importantly to share my gratitude.  Words truly are not enough to express my appreciation for this process, for being included in such a reputable publication and to have a glimpse of my voice being shared.
Thank you so much to all of those who helped make this possible for me and for all of those who support me, love me despite my flaws and for lifting me up when I very much needed it! 

Check out the article in Forbes by clicking here and happy reading! 



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