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Simple and Easy ways to achieve your resolutions and success…

The consumption of alcohol and how its affects deteriorate the brain; causing many lifestyle choices that lead to shame, regret, addiction and more..stay tuned to learn more

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Go Reflect Yourself Podcast!

The show that transforms your life starting with your thoughts. Bringing you real, practical, brain-based strategies for high-performance success, growth, so you can reduce stress and create the rich life of your dreams! If you're ready to stress less, have massive productivity, and want to expericence peace and're in the right place...

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Heather J Crider Keynote Speaker and NeuroCoach and Executive Leadership Coach

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re not evolving you aren’t living full out. Here are a few lessons to help you, as they certainly have helped me! A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 47th birthday. When I was little, I would have said 47 was ancient! However, now I can […]

47 Lessons on Life, Success, and Fulfillment

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Why working 'harder' won't make you more fulfilled or happier with Heather Crider

What are the three main starting points to working less and having more happiness and fulfillment?

Why working harder won’t make you more fulfilled…

Alignment, Business, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Mindset, Fulfillment, Less Stress

Instead of a yearly word or motto, this year I am creating a monthly affirmation. This month, very appropriately and ironically, is love.

I will greet this day with love in my heart

Entrepreneur Mindset, Fulfillment, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

How to create a life of success, wealth, and happiness with the power of your thoughts.

How to create a life of success, wealth, and happiness with the power of your thoughts. When I was fourteen years old, I typed a note (when typewriters were still a thing) addressed “To whom it may concern” declaring how successful and joyful my future would be.  This note also spelled out WHO I would […]

Reflect to Discover Your Who

Alignment, Entrepreneur Mindset, Less Stress, Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Purpose

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(re) Discover Your Greatness and Know Your Worth!

Helping professionals reduce stress, achieve balance and harmony to become WHO you are meant to be!

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Hi! So nice to meet you. My name is Heather J. Crider. My personal and professional goal is to make the world a more mindful, compassionate and joyful place, one mind (and thought) at a time.  I believe we have more power over our lives and our success than we realize, starting with how we think. Our patterns and our conditioning typically does not serve our true desires and goals.  This conditioning affects our confidence, our productivity, our relationships, and our income.  Leading to more stress and burnout necessary, which affects our entire well-being. My goal is to bring practical, real, brain-based strategies for anyone to have a rich life, full of confidence, clarity, productivity and fulfillment...

Neurocoach. High-Performance Strategist. Podcast Host. Self-Proclaimed Coffee Addict (aka coffee snob).  Mom

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