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Should Working Out Become A Priority For A Successful Life?

You don’t really feel like working out today? No big deal, right? After a few days of skipping your workout, how does it affect your health, your productivity, your mood, or your pants? (scroll to the bottom to see some quick tips) Skipping a few days leads into a few weeks, and then several months […]

Aug 16, 2017

You don’t really feel like working out today?

No big deal, right?

After a few days of skipping your workout, how does it affect your health, your productivity, your mood, or your pants?

(scroll to the bottom to see some quick tips)

Skipping a few days leads into a few weeks, and then several months goes by and you haven’t had a solid workout.  Now how do you feel? How is your productivity?  How are you feeling about your goals, or yourself?

Is there a correlation between working out and success?

I guess the real question should be; how do you define success? But let’s focus solely on the fact that if you interviewed the top executives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs you would find working out and living a healthy lifestyle to be a common theme among those interviewed.

There’s no debating that we all should strive to live a healthy fit life.  Healthy can mean a lot of different things to people.

Overall though, just doing something physical each day and changing your habits has a TREMENDOUS impact on how you view daily life.

For anyone that knows me well knows how important fitness is to me. In fact, all of my coaching clients end up with some discussion of health and fitness and how it affects their goals and life ambitions.

Living a healthy lifestyle is something that I have learned to incorporate into my life as much as possible and also feel compelled to share with others as well.

Just recently I realized how many gym memberships I currently have.  It’s quite embarrassing actually if I tell the truth, but I understood why I have so many memberships; BECAUSE I MAKE FITNESS AND A HEALTHY LIFE A PRIORITY.


In this image, you can see there are so many key cards for different memberships around the area.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  My kids are also included in these key cards.  And believe it or not, this is NOT all of my memberships.

You may be thinking to yourself, geez, just join one and stick to it.  I don’t disagree with you.  However, I’m human just like you. Plus I get bored and want different options.

I like variety.  I like different aspects of different places to help me with my fitness goals.  BUT most importantly, you want to know the main reason I have so many gym memberships….SO I CANNOT HAVE ANY EXCUSES!

Yep, that’s the truth.  I don’t want to give myself a chance at having an excuse NOT to workout.

Whether I’m waiting on a child during an activity, I can sneak in a little workout, or on my way to meet with a client, I can coordinate around a particular gym and sneak in a workout.

Although my kids usually take priority over my schedule in many ways, my priority is always working out in some way each day.

I wish I could say every day I get to accomplish this.  The truth is I don’t.

WHY is working out such a priority for me?  My standard answer is ‘so I don’t murder my children’! (I’m kidding…sort of!)

Yes, of course that’s an exaggeration and a bit harsh, but once I learned how working out and staying active affected my focus, clarity, and mood, I knew I would not only be a better person for my children, but overall I would feel better about myself, and ALL the ripple effects that come with that. (Including looking good, who doesn’t want that!)

When others are reflecting on their lives and wondering how to have more success, meaning and fulfillment, one of the first questions to really ask is: Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Our daily lives get hectic (even downright crazy with careers, kids, activities, personal lives, charity, etc.).  All of these things require dedication, focus, organization, stress management, and a positive attitude.  Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the number one way to assist with all of those things!

Because working out and exercising releases the feel good neurotransmitters in our brains, it helps our brains to better function, increases mood and our general outlook.  All of this leads to more productivity, more focus and dedication, healthier relationships, and overall more success and fulfillment.  (and yes, looking better and living a more active awesome life!)

You don’t have to have as many gym memberships like I do or even a gym membership at all.  You just have to stay active and make a commitment to do something positive for your health every day!

Simple ways to have a healthier lifestyle:

  • Start with a decision. Do you WANT a healthier life?  WHY?  What would it do for you?  What benefit would you gain?  What would you be losing?  Is the benefit/gain worth it for you??


  • Limit the sugar! Agghhhh this one hurts!  A LOT!  Look at everything you put in your mouth.  If it says high fructose corn syrup, don’t eat it.  Limit your sweets but always choose REAL sugar.  Or Cane Sugar.  In other words, sugar in the most natural and raw state.


  • Skip the soda! IF YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE SODA…choose one with REAL sugar.  Such as Fitz’s. Sugar-free drinks are always a great start. Either way limit to only one a day.


  • Choose water. LOTS OF WATER.  For more flavor add fruit and/or mint.  HINT is a good brand for water with a little flavor without any of the bad stuff. 


  • Perform some light stretching. At the beginning of Day, and throughout the day multiple times as well as the end of each day. Stretching can help with muscle soreness, fatigue, tightness, etc.  Stretching helps with overall flexibility which can aid with movements as well as provides oxygen to the brain.


  • Commit to 15 more minutes of activity a day. Anything that moves your body and gets your heart pumping!  If you are already active, considering adding another 15-20 minute session to your day.  Small bursts of activity can sometimes be more effective than a solid hour at one time.

Even if you are watching TV, consider adding an activity at the same time.  (although, nothing beats getting outside and getting some fresh air)

Effective Activity:

A brisk walk

A few minutes of sprints

Jogging in place

Jumping jacks


Jump rope



Ride a bike

Roller Blade

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