Sep 13, 2017

How productive are you?

 I thought I was productive as well, but not so much!

Recently I created a little workbook for some clients that included a daily productivity schedule.  I felt it had good daily productivity habit tips, and the truth is, it does.

Actually, I’ve been coaching clients for several years and we usually end up discussing habits including daily productivity, so I felt I had a good handle on it.

I was wrong.

Why was I wrong? A separate productivity assessment told me so (in not so many words!)

Today, I just finished taking Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus productivity assessment and WOW am I impressed! Truthfully, I’m a little embarrassed and frustrated.

This was really eye opening for me. Although it was a quick assessment, it really did shed light on a few things I likely knew but didn’t want to admit, or address.


I learned that I take on too many things and don’t do a very good job at saying no.  A big one was I also learned that technology, which I sometimes feel is my best friend, actually is becoming quite an enemy.


I pride myself on being able to balance my tasks, projects, clients, family, friends, self-care, fun, education, spiritual, etc.  In fact, I’ve taught clients how to balance and prioritize these life buckets.  So, why wasn’t I doing it myself?


Perhaps we (I) get caught up in the do as I say not as I do mentality.


Perhaps we (I) don’t see things in my own situation as clearly as I can see someone else’s.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still consider myself a highly productive and successful individual, just now as balanced and productive as I thought!


This assessment was essentially my productivity wake up call.  It highlighted for me some of my weaknesses such as taking too many projects at once without scaling effectively and also taught me to firm up my productivity plans.


My schedule/handout I mentioned above that I created is fantastic, but since I created it, I felt I was good at productivity.


THIS was my biggest wake-up call.  I’m not.


Helping others become more productive is what I’ve become good at, however, I have some big weaknesses I need to address myself.


I’m sharing this with you today because I learned a lot in this quick easy assessment.


I know you will learn a lot from it as well.  It’s quick, easy and a great tool to see how productive you are!


Click on the image below to take your 10 question productivity assessment.


Once you take the assessment, send me a quick message here and let me know what YOUR biggest takeaway is from the assessment.


When you share your results with me I will send you a few bonuses (including my productivity planner and a copy of my latest book, The Digital Marketing Success Formula!)


Also, feel free to send in an email if that works better for you.


I’m blocking off some time in my calendar to read every response and I am super excited to hear back from you!


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