Jul 7, 2017

Do you ever feel overwhelmed but want more bliss and fulfillment right now? Do these things now.

It can be emotionally overwhelming and be draining as a business owner. Especially if you are just starting out or are in the growth phase.

Don’t let it be.

Each action is a choice. Every thought we have led to our behaviors, and our actions….and ultimately our results.

When we are stressed and overwhelmed we tend to let the lack mindset really take over. Then it leads to ‘stories’ our minds remember, whether they are right or wrong.

Success is truly a mindset. Either you believe in it or you don’t. Sounds easy, right?!

Actually, it is that easy. But when we become emotional that’s the perfect moment the ‘mind virus’ and the old behavior patterns do their thing, sabotaging our future success and robbing of current bliss.


Maybe that sounds a little dramatic and not always so simple. But the truth is, we are in total control over our thoughts, and yet sometimes overlook how powerful our minds are in leading us to what we want.

Do you ever get frustrated because of lack of time, or lack of resources, or lack of being where you want to be?

Perhaps, you are overwhelmed by all the things you want to do but cannot. Or overwhelmed by your ideas and opportunities but just don’t know how to implement them?

Whatever the thing you are wanting to experience, usually when the overwhelm sets in, and emotions get involved, whether we admit them or not, that’s when the mind takes over and tells us stories.

These stories are the things that have served us well in the past. Perhaps to keep us safe, or protect us when we’ve been in less than desirable situations. The point is, regardless of why the stories formed, they no longer have to be stories of lack. Our future is dependent upon how we thing now. What we say has power. Our words impact how we feel, and who we will be in the future.


Write a new mind message for yourself. Create your future. Make the decision today to have less stress, by what you think and how you speak.

What you think starts with right now. All the things you say and think about now will come true in the future.


Instead of saying…my old story is about

….all the things that have gone and been wrong.
…the people in my past have let me down, or hurt me, or wronged me, or don’t understand me.
…worry about my job, my relationships, my body, my health
…people who took advantage of me
…not enough money, time, freedom, success.
…how things have not gone my way
…how I made mistakes and ‘should’ have done things differently


My Story is about….
…The incredible opportunity the surrounds me
…the positive aspects of my life right now
…how we all create our own reality
…how I really want my life to be
…how I love the things in my life
…the best things about right now
…the best stories that make me smile
…the things in my life that I find bliss and joy
…my favorite things to do
…my favorite memories
…the one thing that is going right in the present moment that I appreciate
…my absolute freedom and the bliss I receive
…my abundance that always surrounds me

You get the picture.
Re-write your story with your words today and how you view each moment. If you want more, you cannot have a mindset of lack.

More lack will come to you if you focus on lack.  That’s how powerful our thoughts and words are.  Would we speak to others the way we speak to ourselves??

If you want joy, bliss, freedom, fulfillment, abundance, etc. FOCUS on those things RIGHT NOW!

Life is too short to live one second unfulfilled.

Live Now.  Live Extraordinary and FulFilled!!



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