Jun 29, 2017

How To BE and ACT More Like The Success You Are

One of my mantras is: Know and BE the WHO you want to become.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

So many times we hear the bigger life philosophy of know your WHAT or know your WHY. YES, these are important and are always the internal motivations that drive us.

For example, My WHY and WHAT may look something like this:

My why is creating a lifestyle of complete freedom and fulfillment while providing a legacy for my children, giving them opportunities to contribute to the world.

My WHAT is to be a source of inspiration and change for entrepreneurs and business owners by providing courses and coaching to leverage their expertise and knowledge into recurring revenue while having less stress and a whole lot more fun.

Now, you may read those statements and think, that sounds great but how does that really translate into momentum or success?

Or you may read those statements and think….the WHY will always drive me to be a bigger better version of myself and is what gets me out of bed each morning.

Either way, you have to take action and move forward. You know your why and what, but some days it’s just not enough.

Some days you still lose a little momentum or drive. Or perhaps the stress and overwhelm hit because you feel responsible.

Your WHY is so big that now it’s real. It scares you and although is so important, you sometimes are paralyzed.

Regardless of your why and what, WHO ARE YOU TO BECOME?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, fake it until you make it? Sometimes this comes into play when we think about who we are supposed to be.

What I mean by all of this is…..no matter what your why, or your what, you are to become a different person in the future.

You are to be more connected, more patient, more kind, more successful, more balanced, more fit, more organized, more loving, more spontaneous, more productive, more positive, more financially sound.

(whatever your goals are for the future, or what your future self looks like….that’s who you are to become)

This is NOT to say that who you are now is bad, or wrong. It’s not to say you need to change your personality! NOT AT ALL.

This is saying, know your strengths. Know those things you want to be better at. Know the path you are traveling and start acting MORE.

More blessed. More aligned. More connected to your goals. MORE of what you want. More of WHO you want to be.

Like it or not life will change us. We have a choice of how it will change us.

Determine now what you want your future life to look like and who that person will be.

Then START acting like that person TODAY!

So often people find excuses and will change when this happens, or that happens. Or will ‘act’ differently once they completed a project or finished that book. Or will ‘act’ differently once they are out of debt or have finally achieved their financial dreams.

The problem with waiting to ‘act’ a different way is….you’ll always be waiting as there will always be something else holding us back.

Do you think an actor waits until the movie is over to fully immerse into the role and act like that character they are playing?

NO. They immerse themselves into that role immediately and start practicing and acting like that part they are playing. They memorize the lines and take on the personality and traits of that character. They think, act and feel that part.

WHY are we any different?

If we want to be more fulfilled and more successful, or STOP doing a certain behavior, then WHY WAIT?

The what and why will always be a great internal motivator for us. BUT, we MUST BE the WHO We WANT TO BECOME.

If we start acting like that person today, then we become more connected to our future version of ourselves and thus, our goals, dreams, and desires will happen sooner.

Let me know WHO you want to become….what does that future person look like? What will you say or do? What will you have? What will be different about your life?



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