Feb 7, 2018

One Of The Top Ways We Sabotage Our Own Success and How To Overcome It

Ever hear the saying “A bad decision is better than no decision at all!”?

When you think about decisions and the power of choice we have, it can get complicated!

I’ve reflected on many decisions and choices I have made in my past and the occasional frustrations, just want to give up because of the struggle of choice.

Some choices have ended up with the most amazing results and outcomes that I could have ever imagined, and then, on the other hand, some very undesirable consequences that left me feeling like a complete and utter failure. I’ve not only beat myself up for these so-called ‘mistakes,’ but in many instances, they have set me back right under my nose, most of the time without me even realizing.

At the time when a choice didn’t end up the way I wanted or thought it would, I would spend so much time beating myself up in the would have, should have, could have conversation…ever have any of these conversations? Pointless right?

So when something doesn’t go the way you planned or hoped it would. The next major (or even minor) decisions can seem impossible to make. It’s torturous not knowing what to do. You think… If I do this, then this will happen. I did this before, and it totally blew up in my face.

It’s funny sometimes how our minds can paralyze us from decisions and inflict needless torture to ourselves. Even small obvious choices.

It’s true that some decisions need to be carefully and planned out with consideration and thought.

On the other hand, some decisions just need to be made. Pull the trigger. Done. Quit rolling around with it, just do it.

The reason we struggle with decisions is that feeling of uncertainty with the outcome. We want 100% certainty, 100% of the time! As if this ever happens!!

We hope that things won’t fail and we become afraid we will fall flat on our noses….or backsides!

Then there is the whole part about wanting someone else to tell you what to do so the burden of responsibility is taken off of your shoulders! If it works out and the choice/decision was right, then you’re a rockstar! If it’s wrong and implodes everywhere….well, then it’s someone else’s fault because they guided you or helped you make this decision!

Faith plays a big part of your ability to trust yourself and move forward in a decision. Faith is a big part in fact. The more you can learn to connect with your intuition and let it guide you, the better you will be at trusting yourself and moving forward in ‘action faith.’

I only know this, because this has been a lifelong journey of mine struggling with decisions and certainty, and how to move forward in action faith.

There have been so very many decisions that I’ve just rolled around with taking my precious time, energy and brainpower away from joy, fulfillment and present moments. I would shudder to think about all the people I’ve affected by my wishy-washy, what if this happens attitude. Seriously, why do we do this?! What’s the point of wasting all of this energy on worry, what’s if’s and FEAR!

The crazy thing is…most of the things we ‘worry’ about never even happen. Fear is just false memories appearing real anyway. Our minds are much stronger than we realize, but we let it get in our way. We take a simple decision about something and then absolutely blow it up into something more than it should be.

The last few years I’ve personally had quite a few awakenings. These moments of reflection are what made me fully realize just how paralyzed I was by decision, fear, and doubt about making ‘wrong’ decisions. Then I truly discovered and surrendered to the belief that the ONLY bad/wrong decision or choice is not making any at all. Who cares. So what if I got one wrong. Oh well. Now I know what do, or not to go that way or do that thing. It’s that simple. Yes or No. Done! Next!

Like most, I learned these lessons the hard way. I’m sure I would have a few fewer wrinkles if I had realized this long ago! Perhaps, it’s insecurity, lack of confidence, or any other number of self-esteem labels you can use.

The truth is, however, at the end of the day real leaders make decisions. And I am a leader! (and so are you!)

Once I realized it was my self-limiting belief that got in my way, I started reacting faster. Making decisions without looking back. Whether I had the reward or consequence. Right or wrong. A decision was made.

Heather Crider | Beach Pose For Freer Life and Choices For Success

The most significant thing I’ve learned (and am still putting in practice) no matter what, you can recover and recover, or celebrate….AND what people think of me and my decisions is really none of my business anyway!….

I’m so much freer now. My mental capacity and energy are free to grow in other ways now. No looking back. No giving two %^&*$ what other people think. Just make a decision and move on.

The beauty about making decisions more rapidly is having more confidence and clarity.  In turn, more confidence leads to more productivity and success. More time, money and freedom in our relationships and the fulfillment in our lives. The ripple effective is never ending.

I’m sharing this because sometimes the most simple things get in our way. It’s usually not as big of a deal as we make it out to be!!



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