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It's Time For A New Way To            Growth & Success



When people feel stress it leads to uncertainty, restlessness and fear.

What needs to be addressed?

Well being

When your organizational growth plan focuses solely on revenue, responsibilities, time-management and strategy, it is misses an opportunity to

Connect to your people's emotional safety that fosters true growth. 


2/3 of full-time employees experience burn-out

Heather connects people to who they are meant to be for a solid foundation for personal fufillment & organizational growth. 

Heather provides a roadmap to inspire transformation in order for people to fear less, igniting personal fulfillment and organizational growth. 

Are You Ready To                           &  Put People First?



Are You Ready To                                      Your Organization?


Are You Ready To Instill                                ?       

Are You Ready To Promote                              ?


All talks are centered around your organization and current challenges.

Each talk is focused on practical tools (backed by neuroscience) to implement quickly for clarity, confidence and results. 


What You Can Expect

Perfect for leaders and teams:

Embarking upon or going through significant changes or restructuring.

Constantly challenged and stressed by growth initiatives within the business with less time and fewer resources.

Dealing with the complexity and frustrations of productivity expectations and personal obligations and desires.

The reflective leadership principles presented in this keynote empowers the audience to self-reflect their reflective intelligence awareness, reducing anxiety and fear, thus creating forward motion and growth skills. 

Reflective Leadership

Audience will leave with:

A clear awareness and new perspective on how to approach change and growth. 

Skills to approach a culture mindset shift amongst stressful times.

Education , confidence , and inspired action to prepare others for organizational success and personal fulfillment.

Leaders or teams navigating consistent change and uncertainty.

Professionals seeking skills to avoid burn out while effectively managing difficult conversations.

Seeking tools to equip themselves and others for awareness and self-management.

Audience will leave with:

Practical understanding of principles for mental resilience.

Equipped with action items for self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-management.

Education , confidence , and inspiration to prepare others for organizational success and personal fulfillment.

Perfect for leaders and teams:

Reflect. Reset. Reframe.

The reflective intelligence tools and principles presented in this keynote helps improve mental resilience, well-being and productivity.

This talk addresses how to implement the 'soft-skills' such as emotional intelligence for an organization to differentiate. 

Emotional Intelligence for Differentiation

Audience will leave with:

A resilience mindset that aids teams to connect and thrive.  

Techniques and micro-steps to help create better mental habits.

Education , confidence , and inspiration to prepare others for organizational success and personal fulfillment.

Tasked with creating a culture for professional and personal success, while balancing uncertainty and change.

Seeking to embody resilience and adaptability throughout their organization.
Organizational leaders and executives responsible for maintaining focus and productivity while cultivating connection. 

Perfect for leaders and teams:

Audience will leave with:

A new sense of confidence and connection.

Equipped with action items and practical tools to approach challenging situations.

The confidence and certainty to tackle difficult situations with excitement to share new skills with others.

Navigating uncertainty while desire to solve problems.

Teams experiencing disconnection and turnover.

Seeking tools to equip themselves and others for awareness and connection.

Perfect for leaders and teams:


A new type of communication tool deep routed in neuroscience to leave your team with the solutions to discover and address problems.

I help people find themselves when they are feeling nervous, scared, and uncertain in life and business. 

Stress creates a restlessness and uncertainty. 

I engage and equip others how to be comfortable being uncomfortable with self-reflection. When power and confidence is unleashed, you learn the skills and tools to adapt and cope in order to create high-performance and more importantly, high-impact.

How do you lead with   
How do you lead when there is

How do you keep people               



When people are able to discover and become                    they are meant to be.

Any future is possible.

Are you ready to develop skills for a better future? Your future. The future people              




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